In almost every industry worldwide, electrical and electronic devices are monitored for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). When electrical and electronic systems are entangled or put in close proximity, they affect one another. Therefore, Electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing is performed early in the qualification cycle. Utilizing our experience in ESD testing equipment, CoreIoT now offers ESD testing services in India to comply with virtually any ESD testing requirement. Immunity to electrostatic discharge is a common test to evaluate the resiliency of your product. We are committed to testing and evaluating products, materials, and processes used in electrostatic discharge (ESD) control.


ESD Table Setup

Fig: ESD Testing Setup

Our Clients

We provide test services to manufacturers of ESD control devices, aiding them in designing products and components that satisfy market needs by offering an unbiased evaluation of their materials and products’ static control properties. We also assist ESD control product users in selecting, evaluating, and qualifying components, devices, and processes for inclusion in their ESD control systems, ensuring that product and process characteristics meet market and internal static control criteria.

“CoreIoT has state-of-the-art equipment and in–house technical expertise to perform an ESD testing service.”

Benefits for our Clients

  • Faster market entry
  • The requirements of the standards and regulations are met.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of consumer and industrial devices
  • Fast and cost-effective services.

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