Our Company


We are one of the world’s most valued and fastest growing Antenna and RF passive Component Solution company that has spread its wings to many nations and has clients around the globe. We partner with companies for their products that needs superior wireless performances with ingenious antenna solutions in any complex environments and provide them with best off-the-shelf or customised Antenna based on their need and depending on their connectivity issues.

CoreIoT understands the importance of Antenna performance for any wireless devices including smart meters, Iot devices, Electronic wearables, Electronic Machines and for technologies like 4G/5G LTE, GPS, Single band WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, GNSS, UWB, Cellular, etc.

What do we do


Wireless technology is the result of the modern technological advancements and the increasing penetration of artificial intelligence systems into our day-to-day electronics and other devices. Customers and companies are now looking towards a technology that doesn’t compromise in its effective connectivity and expatiates wonderful user-friendly experiences. CoreIoT provides the best antenna/RF solutions to such set of diversified wireless devices currently present in the market.

We also design, simulate and test antennas based on our client’s needs, tune them depending on the frequency that is best suitable for the device and establish a smooth integrated working accordance. Our major set of service speciality includes:Click Here


We, apart from being one of the best antenna/RF solutions providing Company, also create and develop customised off-the shelf antenna for any wireless devices. The unique trait of our products is that, we can tune the frequency of these off-the-shelf antennas based on the client’s devices and its capacity. We are further venturing into developing antennas to varied set of newly spurring Iot devices of the recent times. Click Here to learn more about our products.

Our Team

We have the best team of efficient engineers working alongside each other to take our mission into a reality and carry forward our vision with great enthusiasm and perseverance. Their team spirit and coordination has ensued both them and our company a great zeal of knowledge along with an urge to comprehend any spurring technological invention related to the field and implement them in the passion for their work. This avid team of our tech professionals includes:

Dr. Vamsi K. Palukuru Ph.D

CEO & Business development

Over 15-years of experience in antenna design for wireless consumer electronics and electrical characterization of dielectric materials used in GHz frequencies. Extensive experience in virtual prototyping with industry-leading simulation tools such as CST MWS for mobile phone development projects as an antenna specialist at Nokia and Microsoft Mobile Inc. in Finland and the USA.

+358 40 193 9889


Sukesh Bhuvanagiri

Antenna Design Engineer & Project lead

Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering from Bapatla college of engineering and Technology. Experienced in Antenna design, simulations, and Investigation of the feasibility of antenna solution to products. Good at designing custom antennas to IOT /connected products using the CST MWS simulation tool.

+91 6302553211


Rehan Siddiqui

Antenna Design Engineer

Master’s degree in Electronics and communication with focus research area Antenna design and development. Good experience in Electromagnetic theory and 3D EM simulation tools. Demonstrative experience in tuning and testing Antennas using VNA, Network, and spectrum analyzer.

+91 8446497859


Manu Suresh

Antenna Design Engineer

Experienced Antenna Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working with CST Microwave Studio, VNA, and Spectrum Analyzer. Skilled in Antenna Design & Measurements, Testing & Tuning of antennas. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Engineering focused in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

+91 7019479501


Jaya Venigalla

Antenna design Engineer

Master’s degree in communication Systems from Sir C. R. Reddy engineering college, eluru, with focus research area Antenna design and development. Good knowledge in Electromagnetic theory and experience in 3D EM simulation tools CST, HFSS.



Our values

Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our company. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients.

  • We always do what we promised
  • Flexible
  • Endless Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Passion for what we do and deliver
  • Attention to details