The CoreIoT’s 6-8GHz Ultra Wideband SMD Chip Antenna has been specifically designed for European and USA UWB Applications at the operating range within 6.0 GHz – 8.0 GHz, with dimensions 6.2 mm x 4.85 mm x 1.55 mm.

Frequency: 6.0 GHz – 8.0 GHz for European and USA UWB Applications, In Channels 5-7

Dimensions: 6.2 mm x 4.85 mm x 1.55 mm

Applications: Indoor positioning, smart home applications.



The Sara UWB chip antenna (6.2 * 4.85 * 1.6 mm) is a highly efficient, compact form factor UWB antenna covering 6 to 8 GHz of the UWB frequency band. It is mounted to a PCB via a standard SMT reflow process.

Antenna installed on a 22 mm x 25 mm x 1.6 mm FR4 reference board.

Antenna matching:

Like any other antenna solution, the antenna is to be matched to customer PCB dimensions. We help customers in tuning antenna to correct bands. The antenna is       matched with a 0.5 pF series capacitor in the reference board.


Measured antenna return loss in dB with Agilent E5071C VNA:

Antenna return loss is measured with Agilent E5071C vector network analyzer and return loss is better than -10 dB across 6-8 GHz UWB band.