Bridge Things IoT


When a customer approached BridgeThings IoT for a telemetry product that will be installed pan India, we had two choices, one to use an antenna that’s available in the market and “hope” it gives the performance that’s required or to get an antenna made to our needs, test it and give the best to our customers. We choose the second and CoreIoT Technologies has been a great partner in our pursuit to deliver the best to our customers.


Sensegiz makes industrial IoT products for sensor-based condition monitoring, security, and real-time asset/people tracking applications.

Antenna Services for finding antenna with the best quality and improved radiation properties

CoreIoT Technologies Ltd. provides the best project result and great antenna services to the client.


The requirement of the client was to find an antenna with the best quality and improved radiation properties in a short time period. Sensegiz discovered that CoreIOT Technologies have a proven track record in providing the best solutions to compete.


CoreIot technologies provide effective, reliable, and fast performing antenna service to the client with the help of experts and tools. Antenna experts of CoreIoT Technologies were in direct contact with the client, which helps both the client and experts understand and solve it.


Sensegiz was satisfied with the project results and great antenna services that were provided. Sensegiz is looking forward to work on more projects related to IoT and 5G. Quick design responses, high antenna knowledge, and design improvement by the experts helped get the solution fast and on time.

Innominds Software Pvt. Ltd.,

Innominds is a leading Product Engineering and Digital Transformation company offering co-creation services to enterprises for building solutions utilizing digital technologies focused on Connected Devices, Cloud Apps, and Cognitive Analytics.

Antenna simulation of Tracking Device for selecting the best performing antenna

CoreIoT Technologies helped Innominds in selecting the best performing off-the-shelf antenna for their product.


The client’s requirement was to find the best performing antenna for their automobile tracking device. Innominds needed the antenna consultancy for their wireless product.


CoreIoT Technologies analyzed their product and simulated the entire mechanics with the help of antenna simulation tool i.e. CST Microwave Studio.  CoreIoT Technologies helped them in selecting the right off-the-shelf antenna for the tracking device through Antenna simulations.


With the help of CoreIoT Technologies’ Antenna simulations, Innominds got the best performance comparison report.

Blinkeye labs

Blinkeye labs provide efficient and accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) application solutions.

Antenna Services for selecting and positioning of the best wireless communication technologies

CoreIoT Technologies helped BlinkEye labs in selecting the best performing antenna for their product.


BlinkEye Labs faced issues in selecting better performing wireless technologies like 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc. Therefore, they seek a partner that can provide guaranteed wireless connectivity for their devices. This leads to the collaboration between CoreIoT Technologies and BlinkEye Labs.


With the help of simulation tools, CoreIoT Technologies provides the best antenna solutions and services to the company. CoreIoT Technologies helped them to find the best technology for their device and, above all, providing them the best antenna solution.


Blinkeye labs were satisfied by the CoreIOT Technologies’ teams, which provides the expertise in the RF area and on-time accomplishment of projects.

Sharpeye systems

Sharpeye system is Finnland based technology company who specialized in UWB technology for centimeter accuracy real-time location services.

The design task

The device should have outstanding antenna performance in the desired frequency band and should have a perfect omnidirectional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane, which is a crucial requirement for real-time position accuracy

CoreIoT solution

CoreIoT, with their extensive state of the art antenna simulation experience and expertise, designed a unique antenna that fulfilled the customer specifications. Multiple antenna solutions were tested during simulations to check for optimizing the geometry of the antenna.


Sharpeye systems are pleased with antenna performance; antenna simulation results agreed well with measurement results.

Here is what Pasi Ikonen, of Sharpeye systems, says about us

  • We have got good working solutions for our products and our other design customers.
  • Good people and strong competence in radio pattern simulations and measurements
  • Both radio pattern simulation and measurement competence are stronger than others.



An Austrian company

CoreIoT Technologies Ltd. helped the client to get an antenna design at ISM band.

CoreIoT Technologies helped an Austrian Startup Company to design a customized antenna solution for agriculture sensors.


An Austrian startup assigned CoreIoT to develop a customer-specific antenna solution. The antenna is to be used in a sensor system in the agricultural sector. The ISM band should be used. Due to our client’s lack of experience with antenna designing at high frequency, they reach out to CoreIot Technologies Ltd.


CoreIoT Technologies’ experts were able to help the client. The client highly appreciated the quick responses from experienced engineers of CoreIoT Technologies. The project of the agriculture sensor was completed by providing adequate knowledge of high-frequency applications and very competent help to the client.


The performance and active involvement of CoreIoT Technologies lead to the success of the project.

Here is what the customer says…

“The antenna design from CoreIoT performs really well after small adjustments. We are able to meet the customer requirements to the LOS range. LOS range is actually > 450m, required are > 300m.”



Antenna Design for shipping containers’ tracking device

CoreIoT Technologies helped ZAYX in getting the high-performance LTE Tracking device.


The client requirement was to get the best antenna design and tuning services for their IoT product i.e., wireless tracking device for shipping containers.


CoreIoT Technologies analyzed their product and provided them with the best antenna design with the help of antenna design tools. They manufactured the product based on our antenna design, and then we get the manufactured product. We tested the product, optimized it, and tuned it accordingly.


Our technical competency helped them in getting the high-performance LTE Tracking device as an end product.